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The VICE Guide to VICE

This document explains why VICE exists, what we do and how we do it. If you’re interested in working at VICE, read this first.

Read it here

The 2030 Project

Inspired by the VICE Guide to 2030 published earlier this year, the 2030 Project will embed residents across teams at VICE Media Group where they will be empowered to drive the future of storytelling. We’re seeking curious and passionate people from a diverse set of backgrounds with different life experiences and ambitions, whose plans for the next year were impacted by COVID-19 or the global uprisings against state violence. 

VICE Media Group will hire 5 full-time residents who will be based around the United States and spend a year at VMG examining the future of everything from fashion to technology, relationships to food, and more. Honestly, we’re hoping the residents tell us what they should focus on. Each pillar will feature a content drop – TV segments, written editorial, social stories, digital video, research and insights, events, panels, and more. 2030 residents will work with our creators to inform the content, research it, formulate it, appear in it and influence it. 

VICE Media Group research showed that 50% of Gen-Z believes the world will be better after COVID, and 50% believe it will be worse. The 2030 Project is designed to make sure we tip in the right direction. 

2030 Project residents will work with a dedicated mentor in their assigned department. In addition to their day-to-day contributions and the 2030 Project content packages, residents will receive exclusive and extensive networking opportunities, career training, and learning sessions with leadership across VICE Media Group and its partners. 2030 Project residents will have the opportunity to create and appear in content, hold panels or other events on it, and truly drive the conversation forward. This is your platform. We want this to be a holistic experience where you simultaneously hone your voice and help us shape ours. We have three residency opportunities that span the range of our business. A background in journalism is not required, but a passion for storytelling is.

Applications for The 2030 Project are now closed.

Creative Resident

Creative is the heart of the program and VICE Media Group. If you enjoy writing, editing video, or organizing photo shoots, this residency is for you. Creative residents will support the day-to-day editorial assignments, research, and information gathering for special projects or investigations, manage a mix of content assignments and pitch-based coverage, and act as the voice and primary developers of audiences across VMG social media platforms.

Audience Resident

VICE Media Group is nothing without our audience. Reaching and understanding our audience is the soul of our enterprise. If you’re curious about audience behaviors, passionate about elevating work you care about, always downloading the latest social app, or good at connecting folks across different areas of your life, the Audience residency could be your calling. Audience residents will create writing pitches, press reports, manage pitch lists, and research contacts. They will develop brand strategy briefs and strategies to support content development and provide storyline direction, script and storyboards for VMG’s social media platforms. They’ll conduct research and analyze user data across methodologies (quantitative and qualitative) and synthesize critical insights for the reporting of research results.

Business Resident

The business of media is what allows us to support storytelling – it’s our backbone. If you think you’d enjoy crunching numbers, coding sites, or figuring out how to build and grow VICE Media group, this is the residency for you.  Business residents will assist with business analysis and deck/presentation creation, and support day-to-day business operations and management. Drive the development of systems behind content creation, products, and web apps. Assist with researching industry analysis/trends, perform marketing research and project management for marketing and strategy.

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